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                Pradip Panchmatia

Pradip Panchmatia is the Founder and Director of Evolution Coaching & Consultancy Ltd.

Pradip is a qualified Coach, Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Clinical Hypnotherapist, Time Line Coach, Regression Specialist and Reiki Master. Pradip uses a variety of tools, NLP techniques and strategies to bring about positive change. Pradip has used these skills to eliminate phobias, enrich relationships, heighten confidence and overcome fears.

Pradip has a variety of qualifications including an Executive Diploma in Strategic Management (Chartered Management Institute), Postgraduate Diploma in Management and an MBA (Masters of Business Administration). Pradip has 19 years’ experience in working, providing consultancy and leadership in a variety of settings including local government, the voluntary sector and the corporate world.

Pradip has helped businesses become more productive and increase their profits whilst making improvements to the running and efficiency of organisations. Pradip’s focus on effective leadership inspires and motivates leaders to lead with passion, authenticity and creates more positive and productive work environments promoting great working relationships.

Pradip also facilitates workshops, designs, develops and delivers training programmes on a variety of subjects from management and leadership to personal and professional development. Pradip also trains on the NLP Programmes.


Our Associates



Michael is the developer of Neuro-Linguistic Life Coaching®/ Hypnotherapy®. An instructor who is professional, friendly, insightful and a master of unconscious communication and personal change work. For more than 20 years, Michael has logged over 10,000 hours giving professional presentations, has led more than one thousand classes and seminars to organisations throughout the US and England.

Michael is a Licensed Trainer of NLP. Michael has been referred to as the “mentor of mentors”. Co-creator and Developer of NLP, Richard Bandler, had this to say about Michael

“I highly recommend Michael, Associate of Evolution Coaching & Consultancy Ltd. He is continually updating his training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed and is one of the few centers licensed internationally through the Society of Neuro-Linguistic programming…” 


We have a number of other associates that provide coaching, training and consultancy.

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