What our clients say about us:


“My experience with Pradip’s Coaching for my romantic relationships was fantastic. I found myself going in circles with every relationship I was in, so I sought out the guidance of a life coach to move me into a better place. Pradip was able to get me from A to B. When we started speaking it felt as if I had known him for years. He really took the time to understand where I was coming from; he asked the questions I was afraid to ask myself, and questions I had never even thought of before. His coaching helped evolve my approach to relationships in a way that I truly needed. After years of bugging my girlfriends with the same relationship questions/problems/situations I finally found the answers I really needed to hear in my work with Pradip. I wish I had gone to him years before, but I am thrilled to be where I am now thanks to his world class coaching.”                                                                                                   

Miss B, New York.


“I was struggling with balancing the competing goals of work, family and self care. I was introduced to Pradip by a trusted friend. Pradip guided me to develop clear stated, achievable goals. Then he really helped me fully eliminate an old belief that was no longer serving me and truly experience a much more resourceful scenario. Immediately, a shift occurred that allowed me to have brand new optimism and confidence about my future. I’m very grateful to Pradip for his effective coaching.”                                                                                                  

Ed, Seattle, WA.


“Pradip has an empowering and sensitive approach to managing and leading teams, that builds confidence in team members. He worked with Spurgeons in an interim capacity and steered the project through a challenging time, ensuring the team and future leaders were able to take additional responsibility.”                                                                                            

Val Floy, Director of quality, Spurgeons.


“As a professional business partner I highly recommend Pradip. I found he has great rapport with whom he comes in contact. His life experience has given him an amazing ability to get to the root of what you are trying to accomplish. As I have personally trained with Pradip, I know first hand of his determination, pride and respect for others. Pradip will give you 100% of his knowledge, abilities and skills. I will always know I can reach out to Pradip and feel extremely confident in the outcome.”                                                                                                    

Derrick, Denver.


“Pradip introduced me to corporate coaching. I requested his consultancy services in corporate coaching. His special ways of coaching and various techniques helped me in achieving the maximum performance from my team members. Coaching has not only helped me professionally but also helped me on the social front too.”                                                                                                          

Ram, Pune, India.


“Pradip’s Coaching sessions are really great. He listens and analyses very accurately and clearly knows what he is doing.”                                                                                                        

Dan, Amsterdam.


“Pradip assisted me in such a way that it helped me view things more positively and I could see the light through the darkness I was surrounded.  My personal experiences have been off loss and bereavement, and accepting this has been a challenge.  With Pradip’s help I have been able to review my thought process and adapt new methods to help me accept the heart ache I have been through and embrace life with a smile and continue to work on improving myself and working through my insecurities.  With his knowledge he has been able to recommend books and conferences.  He is a man able to help us through the learning curves of life.”                                                                  

Sasha, East Midlands.


“I found Pradip is a very likeable person who is able to communicate well. He has a good grasp of organisational management and leadership and an understanding of the children’s sector.” 

Tim Jeffery, Chief Executive, Spurgeons.


“After 20 years in business I found myself doing things in the same way as I had been doing when I set up.  After reaching a certain level of success I felt that my business was stuck and was not increasing in productivity.  Evolution Coaching & Consultancy Ltd helped me to really examine what I wanted to achieve in my business, identified where the problem areas were and we explored how to expand my products into new markets whilst streamlining operations so that my company would be more productive with improved systems to manage the processes.  I have made more profit and now work ‘smarter’ not harder.  Thanks Evolution.”

Mr. Khakharia, Director, EXIMP, London.


“I approached Pradip for assistance as I was having issues with self-confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness, and time management.  I was struggling to make the transition from full-time as a Partner of a law firm to working 3 days a week as a consultant for the same firm – I’d made this move to try and improve my balance between work and family.  Instead, I found I was working 5 days and more while being paid for only 3 – I felt overwhelmed, guilty, and my creativity levels were at zero.  I hadn’t decided to make this transition for this result!  Articulating my life values was so illuminating – understanding why certain situations frustrated me was critical to moving forward.  Challenging my own self-limiting beliefs was another powerful exercise.  Pradip’s questions made me think deeply and from different perspectives. Peak Performance Coaching was an investment in me. It has been worth every penny!”       

Dina, Solicitor, Kent.


“I found coaching really helpful as it allowed me to identify what my personal blocks and barriers were. The process allowed me to find the solutions to my problems which then helped me to progress in achieving my goals.”                                                                  

Miss K, Buckinghamshire.


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