NLP Practitioner Training

Licensed NLP Practitioner Training

Enhanced with Time Line Therapy™

Our NLP Practitioner Programme integrates comprehensive instruction and practical experience in NLP and Time Line Therapy™. Master your potential; personally, spiritually, and professionally by learning and experiencing the skills taught in our Licensed NLP practitioner training. This NLP Practitioner Certification Programme, featuring internationally recognised instructors provides you with a greater understanding of the mind, persuasive use of language, and learn a vast variety of effective interventions.

This course has NLP developer Richard Bandler’s personal stamp of approval. In fact, Richard Bandler awards and signs your NLP certifications, which is similar to having your psychology degree signed by Sigmund Freud! There is no greater credential for a practitioner in the art of NLP.

Scheduling: Our courses are offered in a conference/retreat format which is 8 consecutive days. The hours are typically 9am to 9pm therefore we would suggest staying at the venue. Learning will be made up of theory, experiential and study groups. We suggest you reward yourself with a well-deserved and needed trance-formation break and attend the training and certification as a Licensed NLP Practitioner. Or upgrade our Licensed Master Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy® Programme which encompasses this programme plus adds training and certifications as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Coach, Reiki I & II Practitioner and Reiki Master.

The Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Training Programme 
includes the following modules:

Day Course Title Tuition Early Registration
1 Emotional State & Behaviour Management
2 Neuro-Linguistic Communications
3 Well-Forming & Achieving Goals
4 Subconscious Communications
5 Internal & External Conflict Resolution
6 Neuro-Natural™ Health Coaching
7 Timeline Coaching™
8 Regression & Progression
8 Days Total tuition of NLP Practitioner Programme £3495 £2495


The special early registration price requires payment in full 30 days prior to the start of the course.

Who should attend:Anyone who is interested in truly learning and bettering their life with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Training is easily understood and experienced by the lay person and professional alike. The unique combination of skills taught in this programme will teach you the language of the unconscious mind – an extremely effective and indispensable ability for any one in health care, counselling, coaching, business, and/or those individuals seeking personal development. Each participant will find the instruction and practical exercises a rewarding and life enriching experience.

Teaching Content:Material is taught, discussed, demonstrated by instructors, and practiced by students. Students experience profound personal benefits in a warm, friendly environment filled with humour and fun.

Class Size:One of the number one concerns in education today is the amount of students in attendance for effective learning. Many students have made the mistake of attending NLP training programmes taught by large seminar companies, and found themselves lost as simply a spectator in a crowd of 60 – 200 attendees. We create an environment of connection between students and instructors limiting attendance to more effective maximum class sizes that meet or exceed educational quality standards. Our tutor to student ratios are no more than 1 tutor to 15 students. In addition, students are encouraged to ask questions in a safe and comfortable environment. The friendly instructors and assistant instructors at Evolution Coaching & Consultancy Ltd have the answers, and are available even after class scheduled hours – providing the student with almost constant attention and personal guidance rarely found anywhere else.


NOTICE: Stay a few more days and receive your training in the skills of a NLP Master Practitioner: Students may take the NLP Practitioner courses at one location and the remaining course of the Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy™/Coaching™ Programme, which includes the NLP Master Practitioner, Reiki Level I & II and Reiki Master training, at a later date at a different or the same location.

Seriously Enriching Education Disguised as Fun!

Learning is greatly enhanced when experienced, practiced and entertaining. To add to this, our training programmes are offered in a retreat format. This type of environment allows for the student to:

  • Relax and invest time in them self
  • Dedicate them self to learning and personal development
  • Consolidate the subjects taught in an easily achievable amount of time
  • Immerse yourself into learning and become a Licenced NLP Practitioner, Time Line Coach and Regression specialist in just 8 days.

Really consider and imagine how you can learn and benefit by leaving all problems and concerns behind and attend this programme in rejuvenating and exotic destinations in:

England – London or Leicester

USA – Seattle WA, San Diego CA, Miami FL or Sedona AZ.

Connect with like-minded individuals from all over the world supporting you in discovering personal development and mastering health enriching skills in an easily achievable amount of time – Skills that benefit you personally, professionally, spiritually and romantically. Simply put, you now have a choice between attending night after night for months on end in a stark white, dry classroom or attend Evolutions Coaching & Consultancy’s Training – a programme that creates a whirlwind of fun and learning at enchanting resorts and spas.


Reserve your place now; enrolment in this event is very limited!

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